Breaking Free From Addiction

How Does Hypnotherapy Help You?

The negative feelings can creep up on you over time, affecting everything that you do, even the simple daily tasks. These feelings then have a knock-on effect, disrupting home life, work life, and not only you but your loved ones too. This may lead to negative behaviours that cause unhealthy coping strategies, including unhealthy relationships with food and alcohol, gambling, overthinking, and other obsessive behaviours. These, in turn, can take over your life and leave you feeling totally out of control, stuck in life, and unable to move forward. Trying to dispel these negative attributes alone can be very difficult, but working together using hypnotherapy, kinetic shift, TFT (thought field therapy), and EMDR can be easy. Together, we can release those negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviours and replace them with confidence, self-belief, and positivity. After just one session, you will notice a change; everything will start to fall into place effortlessly; motivation will return; self-love will grow; and you will see yourself with a brighter future. I am happy to answer any questions and explore any issues you may have, no matter how unusual, in a safe and confidential manner. You can visit me in my office in London or Billericay, Essex. Zoom appointments are available too.

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